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LOL Book Club is founded by Imani Ariana Grant. Imani Ariana is a child author, Blogger, and Entrepreneur. Imani hopes to build a community of children who enjoys reading and socializing to discover the world of fun through literature. The LOL book club is not just about reading. The goals of the Love of Literature (LOL) Book Club are to:

> Expose children to age-appropriate STEM education through literature.

> Encourage children to use their imagination during learning and play.

> Foster children's learning above and beyond words by engaging in active play, adventure, and hands-on group activities. 

> Build self-confidence through group interaction, collaboration, and presentation.

> Provide opportunities and resources to aid and encourage children to increase and improve reading and writing.

> Encourage parent involvement in children’s learning, literacy, and growth.

> Learn about and from diverse groups of people.


How To Sign Up

The LOL book club is FREE and open to all children ages 6 to 13 years old.

Meet the Board Members 

Imani Ariana Grant

Founder and President 

Author, Blogger, and Entrepreneur

Imani Ariana is 11-year-old. She is the author of Disco Balls of the Universe. Her book teaches children about the 8 planets of the solar system from a child's perspective. Imani's second book was released April 1st 2019. Her new book entitled, The Golden Life of Sally Sunflower, teaches children about plant reproduction and growth. Imani is also the proud owner of an online children's boutique called MAGITOTS. She enjoys writing poems, swimming, figure skating, dancing, playing the violin & the flute, basketball and with her friends. She loves to explore new thing and meet new friends. Her favorite subject is science.


Shaneika Burchell-Kerr

Mom President (MP)

Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Shaneika Burchell-Kerr is the founder and CEO of Breakthrough to Entrepreneur (BTE Academy). As a business coach, her goal is to develop and empower Entrepreneurs by providing them with the simplest, most effective and efficient tools and resources, to start and grow successful online businesses. Her main focus is on e-commerce, social media, email marketing and automation. She is the mother of Imani Ariana Grant. 



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