About Imani Ariana

My name is Imani Ariana Grant. I am an author, a blogger, and an entrepreneur. At 8 years old I wrote my first book, Disco Balls of the Universe. Disco Balls of the Universe, is a fun and educational book about the 8 planets in the solar system from a child's perspective.

I am also the proud owner of a chldren's fashion line called Magitots. Magitots was born in 2016, to feature fun and educational toys and books,  and trendy fashion for boys and girls ages newborn to teens. You may visit Magitots at www.magitots.com 


All business aside, I am just a girl who enjoys having fun! I love to play with my friends, and make memories with my family. I enjoy writing poems, swimming, figure skating, dancing, playing the violin, basketball and with my friends. My favorite subject is science because it brings out the curiosity in me. I enjoy exploring new things and meet new friends.

I would love to share my journey with you through my blog as an author, an entrepreneur and just being Imani Ariana Grant. 

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If you haven't received your copy of my first book, Disco Balls of the Universe, you may also find it here. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

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