7 Ways To Entertain & Educate Kids This Summer

7 Ways To Entertain & Educate Kids This Summer

Hey guys! By now everyone should be out of school, which means it’s officially SUMMER TIME!

I hope you are all enjoying the big break and the warm weather! For this summer time blog, I will be telling you 7 ways to engage your kids this summer!


Take your kids places like museums and aquariums. While they are there, have them take notes on what they learned about how ever many animals there are. At the aquariums your kids can explore the ocean close up. In my  4th released science book and Amazon Best Seller titled 'Low Seas Adventures' I explore the bottom of the sea. This book will teach kids some fascinating facts to know about the Atlantic's diverse (and mostly friendly) residents. Add the 'Low Seas Adventure' to your kids summer book collection.

Vacations are also fun if you are flying to another country your kids can also learn while travelling. My latest published book titled 'Virtual Lift Off', teaches kids about the 4 forces of flight. It's a fun book inspired by my dad who is an aerospace engineer. He taught me a few summers ago while on vacation all about how planes fly and the forces that pushes the plane in the air, keeps the plane in the air, and aid in a safe landing. Your kids would enjoy this book during their travel experience.




Another kind of activity you can give them is skill building ones. Like bracelet making, drawing, knot tying, etc. You can teach them these without having to take them to summer camp! I love bracelet making. I learned on my own a few summers ago with these kit my mom bought me.




Science experiments are one of the BEST ways to learn and have fun at the same time all year round! You can provide education and entertainment for your children while supporting my business by buying one of my science boxes. They feature planetarium kits, a plant starter, LED light-up plane and more! The science boxes are packaged with my books to teach kids about the solar system, plant reproduction and growth, and the forces of flight. The books all have engaging and fun activities in the back. Kids love the boxes because of the hands-on learning they provide, the fun toys and experiments that comes in them and simply because they are cool. Grab yours now and save 15% off with code SUMMER15.




Take them to the library! Not only does your local library feature all kinds of books for all ages, sometimes they have summer reading events kids can go to! Going to the library to read is another one of the best ways to engage your kids this summer. Most libraries host activities during the summertime to enhance the reading experience. Here are some books written by me that you can add to their own book collection as well.




Puzzles are great for the brain. Studies have shown that jigsaw puzzles improves cognitive and visual spaitial reasoning. It aids in building problem solving skills, improves concentration and short term memory. I recently released my first jigsaw puzzles which goes along with my books. Check them out here. You and your kids can also invent their own games to play! It can be of any category like a board game, a card game, etc. you can also play a classic game from your childhood! When me and my family go to the beach, we play a game called 'sight and sight' from my parents’childhood. We had so much fun!



Gardening is my favorite way to relax during the summer. I have over 5 pots of vegetables and flowers growing on my balcony as of June and coming outside to water them every day has been the highlight of my summer so far! To get your kids started you can buy the 'My Sunshine Science Box' which features a small plant pot, soil, a sunshine necklace ,a bookmark and sunflower seeds!




Aside from gardening, your child would most likely enjoy encounters with natural settings! Take them on trail walks or to parks or nature preserves. I personally very much enjoy going on nature walks with my family during the summer time! We get to have quality family time, we get away from the screen.

Thanks for reading, guys! I hope you enjoy your summer and get a chance to do at least one of the things listed here! Let me know in the comment section what you will be trying this summer. Happy summer! Have fun!

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