The LOL Book Club features Author Chase Taylor & Brooke Aiello

The LOL Book Club features Author Chase Taylor & Brooke Aiello

Our second book club meeting was so much  fun.Our two guest authors were Chase Taylor, and Brooke Aiello.

Chase Taylor is nineteen years old and he lives with autism. He LOVES letters. Since he was a little boy, he had a passion for letters and cute characters. Chase struggles with being social but is willing to share his letter characters to teach children the alphabet and challenging words. Chase is a volunteer a Global Messenger for Special Olympics Connecticut. He was the "star" in the Special Olympics Unified Sports Softball commercial.  He volunteers for Autism Speaks with team Chase & Friends for the Western Connecticut Autism Speaks Walk. Chase was the inspiration for the walk his parents started in 2010, which has raised over $900,000 for Autism Speaks. In addition, Chase has been in commercials on NBC Connecticut to promote the Autism Speaks Walks in Connecticut. Television appearance for his books on WTNH 8 and FOX 61 and radio appearance on 1320 AM WATR and The River.  Chase is a member of the National Honor Society and has been a Special Olympics athlete for over 10 years. 

Chase's first book, "The Letter Critters", encourages children to learn letters by looking at the cute animal illustrations. It will help children to identify letters and learn what words begins with those letters.  Chase continues to share his world of the The Letter Critters with his latest book "The Letter Critters Biographies." Enjoy traveling through the Letter Critters Town and learn more about each of The Letter Critters. The Letter Critters Biographies book is a colorful and fun way for children to learn about The Letter Critters personalities and where they live from A - Z.  The Letter Critter B loves big, bright, blue balloons. Learn about Letter Critter M who loves meatballs and marshmallows and wants to share his marvelous masterpieces. It features fun information about what the Critters enjoy, a simple glossary, and fun facts. A fun way to learn the alphabet and challenging words in each letter!

Chase's next book is The Letter Critters Talent Show scheduled to be released in 2019.



Brooke Aiello is a Connecticut resident and the creator of Tolerance Tykes: Teaching Tools for a Better Tomorrow. As the author and illustrator, Brooke has dedicated countless hours to create a series that gives a voice to children who are oftentimes not heard. Using personal experience, experiences from people she loves, and a passion for poetry and art, she proudly introduces her classroom.

Her hope is to spread kindness, knowledge, and tolerance to those her stories may reach. Her book

was paired with a very interesting activity. We pinned fun complimentary cards to each others backs and wrote positive things on them. We were all thrilled to learn about the nice things other had to say about Us. 


It is very interesting what fun things we can do with literature.

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You may purchase a copy of the books here.

The Letter Critters by Chase Taylor

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