Bedtime Show & Tell with Author Victoria Allen

Bedtime Show & Tell with Author Victoria Allen

Going into the pandemic brought the world into unknown territory. What was going to happen with schools? How will children continue their education? How does zoom work again? In the midst of confusion, leaders began to emerge and the world began to adjust.

One of leaders were the Love Of Literature Book Club! Learn more about the Love Of Literature Book Club and their mission here. LOL Book Club made a call to authors to step up and continue the love of literature! After hearing the call and preparing to step out of my comfort zone, Bedtime Show and Tell was created! I always enjoyed when teachers were able to turn a learning experience into a fun activity, so that’s what I did for my readers!

Children were asked to wear their favorite pajamas and bring a bedtime item! As the author of Buddy the Bear Books, I brought Buddy the Bear and the first book in the series “Buddy the Bear”.

Buddy the Bear is a bedtime classic that follows Buddy as he prepares for bed by doing his bedtime routine, but when his special blanket goes missing he must blast off to the stars and find it!



The children, parents, and I enjoyed discussing bedtime routines and showing off our cool bedtime items! Stuffed animals were a hit! We even had super heroes join us! It was definitely a lot of fun that came from making a simple decision to step out of my comfort zone, and join the leaders that the world needed in this time!

The children were all put to the test to create their own bedtime routine and submit them with a picture of them wearing their favorite pajamas and showing off their bedtime item. They have a chance to win the next series of my book 'Buddy's First Day of School'. Your child still have a chance to enter to win. All submissions must be sent to by June 15th 2020.

Thank you to everyone who joined and participated! It was truly a special event that I was always remember! Always shoot for the stars! Shine Bright!

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