3 Secrets Of A Master Reader & Author: Author Yvette Phillips Shared Her Secrets With The LOL Book Club

3 Secrets Of A Master Reader & Author: Author Yvette Phillips Shared Her Secrets With The LOL Book Club

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest author of Imani Ariana on her virtual book club LOL, "Love of Literature."  LOL .


LOL Book Club was founded by Imani Ariana Grant. Imani Ariana is a child author, Blogger, and Entrepreneur. Imani hopes to build a community of children who enjoys reading and socializing to discover the world of fun through literature. The LOL book club is not just about reading. The goals of the Love of Literature (LOL) Book Club are to:

  • Expose children to age-appropriate STEM education through literature.
  • Encourage children to use their imagination during learning and play.
  • Foster children's learning above and beyond words by engaging in active play, adventure, and hands-on group activities. 
  • Build self-confidence through group interaction, collaboration, and presentation.
  • Provide opportunities and resources to aid and encourage children to increase and improve reading and writing.
  • Encourage parent involvement in children’s learning, literacy, and growth.
  • Learn about and from diverse groups of people.

There were over 20 kids in my online zoom meeting between the ages of 9 to 14 years.  The kids were very intrigued about my topic "The Three Secrets of a Master Author/Reader".  We had an amazing time, the kids were very enthused and interactive. 

They listened as I read excerpts from my book, "The Tale Of Princess Alicia.The tale of Princess Alicia is a bout a little girl who had a deep love for animals.

They loved her in return. She befriended all the animals near her castle. Because of her friendship with the animals, when they suddenly turned up missing, she did not hesitate to risk her life to save her animal friends. This book teaches about bravery, true friendship, bravery and resilience.


They were really excited about the story and anxious to find out how the story ended. The kids were also interested in knowing if there will be a sequel to The Tale of Princess Alicia

As I shared the three secrets of a master author/reader with the kids, I could see them eagerly absorbing the information. They mentioned how helpful those points were to them and that they will be using them going forward. 

These secrets are: 

1) Author/Reader.......Journal your thoughts so that you don’t lose your ideas.
2) Author......Focus on how you want to grab your readers attention.
b)Reader......Focus on what grabs your attention.
3) Author......Choose who you want to be your favorite character. Who will be the star of your story. 
b) Reader......Choose your favorite character from the story that you are reading. 

These are some of the comments that the kids were writing before and during the meeting.

 This was a fun, educative and interactive session. I'm looking forward to my next invite. LOL is the place that you want your kids to be, especially during this  COVID-19 pandemic to keep them engaged in learning in a fun environment.

Thank you to all the parents who allowed their child/children to be a part of this first virtual LOL Book Club.  I commend the kids for their enthusiastic participation. We could not have done this without them. As a third grade teacher, it was a pleasure seeing some of my very own students participating as well. Thank you to my young co-host Tahlia Groves for sharing this moment with me. 

This book club will be featuring a different author each month and I can assure you that your kids will enjoy themselves and enhance their writing and reading skills. They will make new friends around the world. They will meet new authors and even some will become authors themselves.

At the end of the meeting the kids were given a chance to enter a writing competition. They were asked to use the three secrets that they had learned to write a summary on The Tale of Princess Alicia, in order to win a $25 gift certificate to a store of their choice. 

You can still have a chance to enter for a $25 gift card for your favorite store of your choice to shop online. Here is how you enter your child:

1. Purchase of the Princess Alicia Book/ Book Bundle 👉🏾 https://imaniariana.com/collections/love-of-literature-featured-authors

2. Have your child read the book and write a summary using the three secrets - (Journal your thoughts so that you don’t lose your ideas, Focus on what grabs your attention as the reader, choose your favorite character from the story).

3. Submit your summary by email to loveofliterature503@gmail.com



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