Vernon Public Schools Board of Education Congratulates Child Author and Student, Imani Ariana Grant

Vernon Public Schools Board of Education Congratulates Child Author and Student, Imani Ariana Grant

The superintendent of the Vernon Public Schools, Dr. Joseph Macary, makes no hesitation to acknowledge the achievements of Vernon students. Center Road School's fifth grader, Author, and Entrepreneur, Imani Ariana Grant, was invited to the Board of Education meeting on August 27th, 2018 for a special recognition and presentation. 

Imani Ariana Grant relocated to the town of Vernon in 2016 and became a student at Northeast School. She recognized her love for poetry and writing when she participated in a poetry writing contest at the Jack and Allies Bookstore. She was later transferred to Center Road School. In the summer of 2017, Imani wrote her first book, Disco Balls of the Universe. Disco Balls of the Universe is a fun book about the eight planets of the solar system from a child's perspective. Now a published author and entrepreneur, Imani shares her story to inspire and motivate other children that the sky is the limit. 

"Imani, I am going to ask you the hard question. Why this? Why write a book about the planets?"  Dr. Joseph Macary asked the nine-year-old author. 

"I wanted to write something my brother would enjoy and learn from. He is fascinated about the planets and still asks me to read my book over and over again to him. I also love the look on other children's face when I sign a copy of my book for them. I am glad to be able to motivate other children." Imani responded.

"For the past two weeks, I have been trying to write my college essay. I have to be very creative. Someone your age inspires me! I really hope that when you are ready to go to college, you do not have such a hard time as I do now".  Said Hebatalla Mohamed, Rockville High School Student Representative. 

"Wow, nine-year-old author! At that age, I was not thinking about writing a book! Congratulations Imani. I am very proud of you." Said Michael Winkler, CT State Representative for Vernon. 


One of the goals of the Vernon Public Schools is to, 'Build and improve relationship and partnerships with family and community'. On behalf of Imani Grant, I would like to say we are truly grateful that the board of education makes every effort possible to achieve this goal. We are glad to be a part of it. 

We would also like to give a special thank you to Ms. Patricia Buchanan, Executive Director to Superintendent Dr. Joseph Macary Vernon Public Schools for reaching out to Imani Ariana and providing us with such welcoming experience during our visit to the Board of Education. Also, thanks to Mr. Kevin Brown, Vernon Board of Education Curriculum Committee Board Member, for highly recommending Imani Ariana to the Board of Education. 

Imani Ariana Grant is also the founder of Love of Literature (LOL) Book Club, which is designed to build a community of children who enjoy reading and socializing to discover fun through literature. Read more about the book club, meet the board members, and register your child age 6 to 13 here



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