Success at 8! Imani Ariana Grant is now a Published Author.

Success at 8! Imani Ariana Grant is now a Published Author.

Imani Ariana Grant, founder, and CEO of Magitots, a kid's friendly fashion brand, is now a proud published author. At the age of 8 years old, her first book titled, Disco Balls of the Universe, was written by herself and her mom (Owner and CEO of Beyond Fleek) in summer of 2017 and published January 2018. The Disco Balls of the Universe is an extremely fun book about the solar system that educates kids about the eight planets in a humorous way. The beautiful illustrations were done by kids author siblings, Zachary-Michael Clarke and Simonne-Anias Clarke and published by Lauren Simone Publishing House

A book launch party has been organized by the Lauren Simone Publishing House. This event will be on March 3rd, 2018, at 2:00 pm EST, and will be hosted by her publisher Dr. Melissa-Sue John of Lauren Simone Pubs. All are invited. See more fun details on the flyer below and RSVP here. Please feel free to share this information or the entire blog to spread the word. 

She was recently interviewed by Olivia Lauren, child author and owner of Lauren Simone Publishing House, where she opens up about her experience writing her first book. Read the full story here.

Since the book launch, Imani Ariana has extended her book to include a solar system kit and glow in the dark wall art. "I am a very family-oriented girl and I value family time. My hope for the addition of the kit to my book is to get parents involved in their children's active learning by not just reading the book but building the solar system. I remember the first time I learned about the solar system, my mother and I built a model from scratch with cardboard, clothing hangers, and foam balls. When my brother came along we taught him about the planets and again built a solar system model with him. It was a very fun activity. I want the same experience for my readers and their family," she explained. The Disco Ball of the Universe Science Kit is now available at a very reasonable price of $25 USD plus FREE SHIPPING. 


Imani's book also features a gift collection which boasts some of the beautiful illustrations from the book and some of Imani's favorite motivational quotes and bible verses. Her readers and fans are already loving this new collection of Gifts. Visit the Gift Shop Here.



Imani was also interviewed by Fiona Mcvie, an author, blogger, and interviewer, who was very impressed by Imani's story and her success at such a young age. Fiona shares her interview with Imani on her Author's Interview Blog here. Read her blog to learn some interesting facts about Imani Ariana Grant. 

Imani recently attended the Black Wall Street Vending event in an effort to promote and sell her books. "This was my first time attending an event like that. I was very excited and nervous at the same time but my friend Olivia Lauren was there with me and we worked so well as a team. I also met other young entrepreneurs like myself. To me, that was very motivating and it made me feel proud. My book was sold out in under 2 hours. We had to start taking orders online. That was really exciting and also a blessing," she says.  These are some of the images we captured at the event.



We asked Imani Ariana how she is handling her responsibilities as owner of Magitots and an author. She says she enjoys responding to customers questions on the computer, sourcing products from suppliers for her store, and meeting new people. "I am not a fan of the shipping process at the post office," she says. She enjoys writing and is now working on her new book. 

Imani expressed that her goal is to continue to educate other children and she wants to encourage other children to reach for the stars because the sky is the limit. She is very grateful to everyone who has supported her business and her vision.


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