Space Adventure Saturday at Jack & Allie's Bookstore

Space Adventure Saturday at Jack & Allie's Bookstore


When Imani first told me about Jack & Allie's Bookstore she described it as the little cute bookstore with cool books and ornaments. Imani’s first visit at Jack and Allie's was in 3rd grade when she entered a poetry contest. That was also when I realized her gift of writing. 

When I visited the bookstore for the first time I immediately fell in love. The rainy weather was a perfect excuse to spend extra time inside exploring. Everything from the windows to the wall art was eye-catching. It is no wonder kids enjoy spending time at Jack and Allies



Well, let me not spill all the fun details. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

When I met Miss Barbara Hagerty Khan, the owner of Jack and Allie's bookstore, I realize why the bookstore was such a fun place. Her love for children, fun and vibrant personality is reflected throughout the bookstore.

When Miss Barbara learned about Imani Ariana’s first book, Disco Balls of the Universe, she fell in love with it and expressed how proud she was of the 9-year-old author. She believed Disco Balls of the Universe would be a great fit for her science collection. Miss Barbara later offered to host a book signing event to help promote Imani as a Vernon local author. She named this event Space Adventure Saturday. The news about the event, quickly spread across the social media, Vernon patch, and a blast email sent out to the Vernon public school families from the Vernon Public School Superintendent Office. 

August 11th, 2018 was a rainy Saturday morning but it did not prevent the Jack and Allies fans from attending space adventure Saturday to meet the young author. The morning started off with an introduction and reading of Disco Balls of the Universe by Imani Ariana Grant. Then with no time wasted, Miss Barbara switched gears into a full party. The children and parents danced around in a circle to a disco song. There were space arts and craft, space bingo and more.


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When Imani was asked what she thought of the event she said “Space Adventure Saturday was more fun than I thought it would be. Some of my friends came and everyone who attended supported me by congratulating and motivating me, and purchasing a copy of my book, Disco Balls of the Universe. I am very grateful for the opportunity and to Miss Barbara and her wonderful staff for making this event possible.” 

We are extremely proud to announce that Disco Balls of the Universe is now available for sale at Jack and Allie's Bookstore. Head over to the bookstore at 512 Hartford Turnpike and you will find Disco Balls of the Universe in the space section. To learn more about Jack and Allies visit 

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