My First Experience on Black Wall Street

My First Experience on Black Wall Street

When I first thought of publishing my book, I never envision attending vending events, meeting other wonderful entrepreneurs and even being interviewed by famous and successful bloggers and business owners.

My first experience as a vendor was when I attended the Black Wall Street Vending event. This was my first time attending an event like that in an effort to promote and sell my book, Disco Balls of the Universe. I was very excited and nervous at the same time but my friend Olivia Lauren was there with me and we worked so well as a team. I also met other young entrepreneurs like myself and made new friends and connections on social media. 

So many people supported me as a young author. My books were sold out in under 2 hours. We had to start taking orders online. That was really exciting and also a blessing. 

These are some of the images we captured at the event.



I am very grateful to everyone who has supported my business and my vision. I feel even more motivated to keep writing and to inspire others to do the same. 

Attending vending events is one of the best ways to get your first 100 books sold. Simply research vending events in your area and register to attend. 


1. Never underestimate the number of items you will sell. Always be prepared with enough books or products to sell so that you do not run the risk of running out. 

2. Be prepared to take payments online. Most shoppers do not have physical cash or run out of cash and are willing to pay with debit or credit card. I use Paypal Go. It is very easy to sign up and it is also FREE. 

3. Make sure you have your business cards with your website and social media where others can find your products and connect with you. 

This is all I have for now until next time. Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear how you sold your first books or answer any questions you may have. 

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