LOL Virtual Summer Camp Team of Excellence

LOL Virtual Summer Camp Team of Excellence

Have you heard about the LOL Virtual Summer Camp 2021? Well, you are in for a treat. 

The Love of Literature Book Club by Imani Ariana in association with Lauren Simone Publishing House presents our second annual Virtual Summer Camp, 'Lil Authorpreneur Camp'! This is an amazing opportunity for children worldwide ages 5 to 14. 

We will be hosting our virtual summer camp on July 27th to July 30th, 2021 from 1 PM EST to 3 PM EST. Learn more about the camp and register your child early now. We want to introduce you to the team of instructors for this year's camp. 

Clara-Jane Quinn

Clara is 13 years old and lives in Southern Maryland. She is a middle child in a very busy family! In her spare time, she enjoys digital drawing, arts & crafts, Acting, and Pinterest. She is in the gifted program at her school and in addition to regular studies she plays the piano, violin, and is learning the Korean language. Clara-Jane loves K-Pop (Korean Pop Music) and the Korean culture, she hopes to spend a school year in Korea to learn more about their culture. Clara-Jane's talent was recognized by producers which resulted in her being a contestant on HBO-Max Television Competition series Craftopia. Clara-Jane joined Lauren Simone Publishing House in 2020, where she completed her first illustrated book, Mommy Loves All of You. She hopes to be a successful illustrator when she graduates college. Clara-Jane will be leading a workshop on "Comic Book Strip Illustrations"

Simonne & Zachary Clarke

Meet the illustrators of all three of my books. Simonne, 20 and Zachary, 17 have illustrated children’s books for the past 6 years and have a combined 20+ illustrated books between them. In addition, they’ve worked on advertising campaigns, personal illustrations and branding materials while developing their own characteristic style of character design for storytelling. Zachary is also interested in acting and animation while Simonne’s focus is on art for storytelling and fiction writing. This year the Sibling team will be leading a workshop on "Designing characters for your stories."


James Black

James Black is a gifted author, musician, poet and artist. He is also the founder of 3rd Eye Studios LLC. 3rd Eye Studio LLC was founded in 2019 as a company that caters to the creative in creating a safe space to create and showcase their varied talents. Author James Black has contributed to the LOL Book Club on multiple occasions. James Black was among the instructors of last year's camp where he  taught the kids how to write poetry using figurative language (alliteration, metaphors, similes,  etc.). Due to his fun and engaging teaching style, James Black was highly requested back by the parents and attendees to be a part of this year's camp as an instructor. He will be leading a workshop on "Painting to Tell A Story." 


Ryan Parker & Justis Lopez

Ryan Parker is an energetic educator, motivational speaker, Hip hop Lyricist and Poet Laureate currently residing in Suffield, CT. As founder of Beat The Odds Squad and Co-founder of The Open Mic Movement in Education, Parker spends most of his time working on empowering diverse youth and changing the current narrative of the U. S. education system as it stands today. In addition to teaching middle-schoolers, Parker works as a pedagogical coach teaching adult educators strategies for developing effective classroom environments and relationships with students with a focus on cultural relevance and restorative justice. On top of his passion for teaching. In addition to creating his own poetry pieces and performing them near and abroad, Parker also coaches the Manchester, CT based youth poetry team know as Paper Voices and served as the coach of the 2015 Connecticut state spoken-word poetry team competing world wide at an international youth poetry competition known as Brave New Voices. Parker’s new interest in authorship is centered in his desire to utilize literature as a form of social justice and to convert hip hop lyricism pieces into children’s books. Justis Lopez is an educator, DJ, poet, activist, and Co-founder of The Open Mic Movement in Education. He was raised in Manchester, CT and currently resides in Washington DC. When Lopez isn’t spending time with family, or engaging in community organizing elevating humanity near and abroad, you can find him on a hiking trail meditating or on a college campus delivering an inspirational keynote speech to the masses. Much like his partner in positivity Parker, Justis Lopez is interested in creating a variety of literary forms that lean into uplifting humanity. Justis and Ryan will be leading a workshop on "Using Hip-Hop for Story Telling."


Stephaney Davis

Stephaney Davis founded Connection to Creativity for her sons, Aliko & Dakarai. As a former librarian, Stephaney has always felt a deep connection to books, literacy, and sharing the joy of reading with children. When she discovered Aliko’s struggles with reading, she did everything she could to support and encourage him. His struggles showed her that every child learns differently, and many children struggle with reading. Stephaney realized she could connect books to creativity through dramatic readings, art, and music in order to increase children’s interest and engagement in literacy. Over the past six years, Stephaney has hosted events connecting literacy and creativity. These include Books Bringing the Beats where school choirs read and interpret books through music, Playful Picasso where children read and paint, and Guest Readers who excite and inspire the children. Gradually, those events evolved into Connection to Creativity. She has created reading programs for the Atlantis Resort, Intrepid Museum and Literacy Inc, and much more. Stephaney will be leading a workshop engaging kids in literature by bringing stories to life.


Joseph Inigo

Joseph Inigo is a C.T.V. certified TV producer with a history as a Music entertainment promoter with shows with platinum artist and other celebrity artist talent shows.

He is also an author of the book titled ' Our World – Mama Sister Brother', which tells a story of two groups of kids one from the country the other from the city who all meet at a statewide school talent show and help a kid who is autistic conquer his fears by finding his hidden talent, Music!!!  Joseph also founded The Music Note Kids Club & Care 4 Your Own Tree LLC, an Educational Publishing and Entertainment Company built inspire growth and maturity through books, cartoons, clothing, music, autism awareness, computer science, puppetry, ecology, games, apps and so much more.

In his Music Note Kids Club Joseph and his team used puppetry as a form of expression where kids write their own story first in a storyboard format where they then take the puppets “ Music Note Kid Puppets” and act out their story with them in a puppets house that kids also helps to build. In our virtual summer camp Joseph will be directing a workshop on "Using Puppets For Story Telling".

Olivia John & Melissa Sue-John

Laur​en Simone Publishing (LSP) House, founded in 2016, is a publishing company in Hartford, Connecticut. The publishing house was birthed by two sisters, Olivia Lauren John and Alyssa Simone John who enjoy the arts. They act, model, draw, paint, play musical instruments, and most recently started to publish books. Together with the help of their mom, Dr. Melissa-Sue John, they created the Olivia Lauren book series. They wanted to expose young readers to the things that they had experienced, as well as create a platform for other authors and artists to share their talent and diversity.  The mission of Lauren Simone Publishing House is to publish the works of diverse authors and illustrators, thereby creating literature for all to enjoy. Lauren Simone Publishing House is invested in engaging children in stories written by nontraditional authors; expanding the diversity of groups not often represented in literary works; educating and improving children's understanding of their academic and social experiences and empowering young illustrators by giving them a platform to highlight their artistic skills and build their portfolio, esteem, and marketability.  This year Olivia will be teaching "Elements of a Story" and Dr. John will be leading a workshop on "How to Publish a Story."

Imani Ariana Grant & Shaneika Burchell-Kerr

That's me and my mom. If you are meeting me for the first time, my name is Imani Ariana Grant. I am an author, blogger and entrepreneur. I wrote my first book when I was 8 years old and today I am the author of three children's science books titled, Disco Balls of the Universe, The Golden Life of Sally Sunflower, and Virtual Lift Off. I am also the proud founder of The Love of Literature Inc. 

My mom, Shanieka Kerr, is the founder & CEO of Breakthrough To Entrepreneur LLC. She is a Business Coach and E-commerce & Marketing Specialist. She helps entrepreneurs start, launch and grow their brand online whether they are selling physical products or digital courses. Shaneika has helped over 100 women launched their own business successfully through her courses and her coaching programs. My mom is my mentor, she built my website, helps me with my entire business, and she handles the marketing in my business. This summer my mom and I will beleading a owrkshop on "Marketing 101- How to Sell Your Books Successfully." 


In addition to our team, we are expecting over 10 guest authors to show up daily to inspire your kids and share their stories. We believe we have the best team of experts to help your child explore fun through literature and even become a published author. As a team we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and empowering your child/ren. We are positive that your child/ren will not be the same after attending this virtual camp. This is a worldwide opportunity.

Don't have a child between the ages of 5 & 14? Then we invite you to become a generous sponsor to enable a child to be a part of this amazing event.

Sponsorship Opportunity

We have created a sponsorship program and we ask you kindly to become a sponsor as a business or an individual by giving at any three levels below you feel comfortable. 

Bronze $100 to $299

Silver $300 to $599

Gold $600 to $899

Platinum $900 and up

Your donations will help one or more children by supporting their dream to become authors and/or enhance their writing and reading skills through their participation in the summer camp.

Benefits of being a sponsor includes but not limited to:

  • Shout out on our social media platform (ALL SPONSORS)
  • Promotion throughout the program (ALL SPONSORS)
  • Promotion on our website and (GOLD, SILVER & PLATINUM)
  • Noted in acknowledgement in a published book (PLATINUM)
  • Special thank you package (ALL SPONSORS)

If you wish to become a sponsor please complete the contact form here and indicate your giving level and the best contact the reach you. We will be in touch with you with further details. You may also call us at 860-835-3684 to discuss further. 

We want to thank you in advance for our generosity and support of our mission. 

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