Imani Ariana's Summer Reading Picks

Imani Ariana's Summer Reading Picks

Summer is not just about water parks, museums and fun days at camps. Summer is also a time to learn and explore new things through literature. I enjoy reading in the summer because I am able to choose the books I want to read, I can read with my friends and explore the books we read. I would like to share my top five summer reading book choices with you. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 

I recommend reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kids book Series written by Jeff Kinney if you enjoy reading for a good laugh. There are twelve books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Once you read one of the 12 books, you will want to read all. So far I have read: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the very first one), Diary of a wimpy kid: Cabin Fever, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Lost Straw. Last summer I read these books with my friend and library buddy Kaylee Stephens. This summer I will be reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck. Find a reading buddy and enjoy a good laugh while reading these books.


I Survived Series 

The I Survived series written by Lauren Tarshis, teaches you about important historical events such as the bombing of the pearl harbor and the attack of 9/11. I first read about the I Survived series in fourth grade. As a class, we read I survived: The Eruption of Mount St. Helen and The Attack of September 11th, 2001. I became very interested in the way the author writes and so I purchased the other books. there are over 16 books in this series. I have read the Nazi Invasion and The San Fransisco Earthquake and enjoyed both of them. this summer I will be reading the battle of Gettysburg, the sinking Titanic, Hurrican Katrina, and the Children's Blizzard. I will also be watching the Titanic Movie. I suggest taking a trip to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial site in Hawai, or the 9/11 Memorial Site in New York City, or the San Fransisco Earthquake Memorial site in San Fransisco. Do not forget to take pictures. 


Olivia Lauren Series 

Going on vacation this summer? Then you must read Olivia Travels: A Guide to Modes of Transportation. While you travel to different destinations, you can learn about the types of transportation popular in those places you travel to. This is one of four books from the Olivia Lauren Series written by my good friend Olivia Lauren. I highly recommend this book because it teaches different modes of transportation such as train, airplane, autobus and more. I have also read A Guide to Things We Wear and A guide to Communication. This summer I will be reading the occupations A to Z and a Guide to becoming an Actor. There is so much to learn from the Olivia Lauren Series. 



Look at Me, I Can Write Poetry 

If you enjoy poetry like I do then you will love this book! Look at Me, I can Write Poetry, is written by Christina r. Jackson. Christina shares over five different types of interesting poems that she wrote. She gives guidance and provides room for you to write your own poem. So take the opportunity this summer to challenge your writing skills by writing your own poem. 


Disco Balls of the Universe  

Last but not least. My book, Disco Balls of the Universe. This book is a very fun book about the planets in the solar system. Me and my friends go into outer space for a party and learn about the planets. I highly recommend you read this book and explore the planets even more with the planetarium kit that may be purchased with it. You can enjoy the putting together the planetarium kit with your friends or your family. I would love to know what is your favorite planet. Please tag me in your pictures on Instagram and share with me on Facebook


I hope you enjoy reading all of my recommended books for summer reading. I would love to hear what other books you are reading this summer. Please share in the comments below.

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