Ice-Cream on Venus. Center Road School CRS PTO Ice-Cream Social

Ice-Cream on Venus. Center Road School CRS PTO Ice-Cream Social

How would you like your ice-cream? In a normal setting, my answer would have been on a sugar cone, with sprinkles and caramel on top. However, at CRS PTO Ice-cream social setting, that request would have not been sufficient. 

The CRS PTO organized an amazing Ice-Cream Social every year to bring families together and educate them about the PTO. This year was very different. Let’s begin with the titled “Center Road School Is Out Of This World Ice-Cream Social’. The theme was inspired by the book titled ‘Disco Balls of the Universe’. Disco Balls of the Universe is a fun children’s book about the eight planets of the Universe from a child’s perspective. The author, Imani Ariana Grant is Center Road School’s very own fifth grader. 


The evening in imaginary space featured flavored Ice-cream with fun toppings on Venus, followed by storytime at Saturn Academy, where Imani read her first book, Disco Balls of the Universe, to a large group of students and parents. 

There were intriguing questions such as ‘why is earth the only planet with life? and ‘why is Mars so hot? Imani confidently answered each question while making reference to her book, Disco Balls of the Universe. 

The Galaxy Gift Shop was a popular spot the entire evening, as parents purchased copies of Imani’ book and planetarium kit for their young space fanatics. They also registered for Love of Literature (LOL) Book Club, which will be coming this Fall. Learn more about the LOL Book Club, register your child, and meet the board members here

The dance floor was open for everyone to enjoy a Neptune Dance Party. It was definitely a fun-filled evening in space exploring the 8 planets in the solar system while enjoying delicious ice cream. 

On behalf of Imani Ariana Grant and the CRS PTO committee, I would like to thank everyone who participated and volunteered their time to make this event a success. We are truly grateful to everyone who supported Imani Ariana Grant. I would like to especially thank Raychel Wishart, President/ Chaos Coordinator of the CRS PTO, for providing such an amazing opportunity for Imani Ariana Grant to share her journey with the Center Road School community. 

If you did not get a copy of Disco Balls of the Universe, you may purchase a copy below. 


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