End of Summer Vacation Blog!

End of Summer Vacation Blog!

Hey everyone! Hope you guys had a fun filled summer! With summer coming to an end, My family decided to go on an end of summer vacation to New Hampshire! On my vacation we went up Mount Washington to look at the view. On the way up we listened to an educational tour about when the mountain was founded, how they made a path up the mountain, and other cool facts!


Did you know that the vegetation that resides on the mountain has a hard time growing due to poor quality of soil and harsh weather conditions farther up the mountains? As we were driving up the mountain, we noticed the trees growing higher up were smaller than the trees growing at the bottom of the mountain.

Vegetation isn't the only organism living on the mountain. The mountain is also home to moose, bears, countless types of birds, foxes, bobcats, and more animals.


The 8 mile trail opened to the public in 1861. To blaze a trail up the mountain, the workers had to use a black powder to blow up big rocks blocking the way, which was a very dangerous but rewarding job. Back then, it was a 4 hour ride up and down the mountain with 120 horses in service everyday. today, it's only 25 minutes. On windy days, the people were asked to add rocks to the wagons to give them more heft. 


Along the mountains were 3 hotels that burned to the ground. After the burning of the 3 hotels, others were built to cater to the more wealthy travelers who were looking for a place to stay while traveling. These hotels have been replaced by the modern day Glen house at the foot of the mountain.

That's all for what I learned about Mt. Washington on my trip! Stay safe everyone and remember, The Sky's The Limit!

Want to see the beautiful view from Mt. Washington yourself? You can learn more on their website! just click here!

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