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In Imani's very popular free e-book, "How To Sell Your First 100 Books", one of her top marketing strategies as a child author, is to pitch a business deal with local libraries, bookstores, and school programs. Imani was given the opportunity to pitch her business idea with the PTO Board members at her school. 

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Imani attended the PTO board meeting with a mission to persuade the board members that her book, Disco Balls of the Universe, would be a fun addition to the school's fun activities throughout the school year. "I believe that the children and their families would have a lot of fun learning about the solar system together. I can host a storytime with my book, families can paint the planetarium and play fun planet games," she said.
The board members were very impressed with Imani's idea and her achievement of becoming an author. Not only did Imani partnered with the CRS PTO, but she was also offered some amazing future opportunities and made some amazing connections. The Disco Balls of the Universe has earned a place in the biggest school opening event at Center Road School for the upcoming school year. 
If you are a child author and you have not yet approached your school's PTO members, we strongly recommend you do so. Download Imani's free e-book to learn more ways to sell your first 100 books and more.
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