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Thank you for your interest in being a featured author at the LOL Book Club. To Be invited as a guest author to our book club please read below.

Please complete the form below with your full name, location (city, state), email address, book title, recommended age, book link/website, and social media contact information, and you will be added to our author directory. 

The next step is to review your book. It is imperative that we ensure the book is age appropriate, culturally relevant, and has content that is not stereotypical, inaccurate, or insensitive. Please send us a copy of your book for our review to

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If you meet the criteria, we will contact you to add you to the book club schedule. You will then submit your biography, head-shot, book cover, and phone number, so we can contact you about the date, time, procedure, and use to promote the event.

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The LOL Book Club was founded by Imani Ariana Grant. Imani Ariana is a child author of Disco Balls of the Universe and The Golden Life of Sally Sunflower, a blogger, and entrepreneur from Connecticut. L.O.L stands for Love of Literature. The LOL book club is not just about reading. Imani hopes to build a community of children who enjoy reading and socializing and have fun through literature. Our book club meets Wednesdays at 5:30-630 pm est for 5-8 year old children and 7:00 – 8:00 pm est for 9 to 14 year old children. The mission of the Love of Literature (LOL) Book Club are to:

1. Expose children to age-appropriate STEM education through literature.

2. Encourage children to use their imagination during learning and play.

3. Foster children's learning above and beyond words by engaging in active play, adventure, and hands-on group activities.

4. Build self-confidence through group interaction, collaboration, and presentation.

5. Provide opportunities and resources to aid and encourage children to increase and improve reading and writing.

6. Encourage parent involvement in children’s learning, literacy, and growth.

7. Learn about and from diverse groups of people.

By introducing children to actual authors, we hope that they will increase their love of literature, writing, art, and STEM and feel empowered to tell their own stories. To be chosen as a featured author, your book must be aligned to our mission.


Your Responsibility:

If chosen, we will promote a flyer with your headshot, book cover, and date of the meeting. You are required to share the event on your social media pages as well. We will meet virtually using Zoom. You would present at the time that best suits the age of the book club members. You will read your book in the club and share activities that engage the book club members. We promote all our guest authors books on our website for a period of time before and after the event. In our meeting, we only promote the link to books for sale. The Love of Literature, INC is a nonprofit organization, we request 15% of your sales to help our organization grow. You will be responsible for shipping the books to the customers. Our payment are remitted through Cashapp or Paypal at the end of every month. 

Your Benefits

You gain exposure to a new audience. You will have increase sales as we will host your book on our website 3 weeks before the meeting, instead of using Amazon link where you receive lower royalties. You will receive an email list of customers for selling future books. And you will be supporting student learning, increase literacy and a nonprofit organization.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Imani Ariana Grant, President and Founder

Olivia Lauren John, Vice President

Shaneika Burchell-Kerr, Mom President

Melissa-Sue John, Mom Vice President

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