Disco Balls of the Universe featured at the Intrepid Museum

Disco Balls of the Universe featured at the Intrepid Museum

Disco Balls of the Universe was featured at the Intreprid Museum, Sea, Air and Space Complex. How cool is that! When mom told me that Connection to Creativity reached out to her and invited me to present at kids week at the Intrepid, I was so excited. 

My mom took me to The Intrepid years ago when I was a toddler. However, I have very little memory of it. This was a perfect opportunity to share my book with hundreds of children and also explore the museum personally.

The presentation of Disco Balls of the Universe was different from any other reading I have done before. Connection to Creativity is an education focus company founded in 2015 by Stephanie Davis. Her mission is “creatively bringing books to life”. Her fun and engaging approach motivate kids to enjoy and appreciate the value of reading. Well, they did add a lot of excitement to my book!

Disco Balls of the Universe is a fun book that teaches kids about the eight planets in the solar system from a child’s perspective. In the story me and my friends attend a disco party in space where we meet and  learn about the planets. The book was brought to life with dancers dressed in costumes, imitating each page in my book with fun dance moves and expressions. It was just like the disco party I thought of when I wrote the story line of Disco Balls of the Universe.



As always, I get very excited when I meet other authors like myself. Also featured at the Intrepid were Jamee-Marie Edwards (Author of But I Am A Cat), Nadine Haruni (Author of Freeda the Frog), Anthony Tucker (Author of Tied In), Emily Bastien (Author of The Fearless Fantabulous Five) and more. 

I had the opportunity to sit with the audience during Emily Bastien's performance after which we had the chance to introduce ourselves and talk for awhile. Her book really grabs my attention and I especially liked the riddles. I always get inspired when I meet young authors like myself.

At the end of my presentation, my dad took us on a tour of the Intrepid. My dad is an Aerospace  Engineer. He is very good at his job and is obsessed with planes and engines. We explored the different space shuttles as he passionately  lectured me, mom and my brother about the different types of planes and the parts of the planes and their functions.

I had the opportunity to see the old control rooms on the ship. It was so awesome! The Intrepid is a military historic aircraft carrier that served the navy during world war II and the cold war. Today it docked in New York City as an educational museum for all ages.



You may learn more about The Intrepid here. I would definitely visit again.

Have you ever visited The Intrepid? Did you attend the Kids Week event? How was it?

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